February 16, 2010

I’m 20 years old, and I’m currently finishing up a degree in English. I plan to take the LSAT and go to law school. I get up at 7:30 AM every day to go to class. Meanwhile, my three housemates (all of whom are older than I) are spending their college days playing videogames and beer pong until about 3 AM every night. OMGIMTHEADULT

-Scott Lysander

A few months ago I organized an art exhibition. One day a school class came over, it was some kind of mini-field trip. They wrote short essays about the exhibition and read some out loud as I was standing next to their teacher. I am 22 and was like OMGIMTHEADULT.

-Joscha Bruckert

I was 18 when I was in my room playing Grand Theft Auto 3.  My parents walked in, slump-shouldered and crying.  They looked at me and said, “We lost the house.”  Apparently, my parents had failed to budget their finances, and the bank had foreclosed on them.  They knelt at my feet, sullen and weeping as I sat on the edge of my bed.  I calmly put my controller down, held their faces in my hands and said, “Then we have to start packing. Crying won’t get us anywhere.  We need to pack up our shit, find a new place to live, and get moving.” Oh, My God, I’m the adult.



February 4, 2010

The family gathered in the loungeroom, excitedly unwrapping our gifts. My mother got Nintendo DS accessories and little electronic gadgets. My stepfather got Bundy Rum paraphenalia. My nieces got DVDs and toys. They all got at least a half dozen presents each, half of them from me. I got two pairs of shorts… And I was happy. OMG, I’m the adult here!

-The Shampyon

Two weeks ago, I met a new co-worker who happened to be from a major city that I had lived in as an exchange student 18 years ago.  I mentioned that I had visited there recently and was suprised by how much both the downtown and outlying areas had changed in all that time.  I asked him if he had ever hung out at certain bars in the city or wherever.  He said, “I didn’t really know that scene, I was… uh… 4 years old.”
I don’t think I will ever get used to such incidents.  Ack.

-R. “BCR” Lewis

When I was around 21, I chaperoned a youth group to a church camp. Somehow our group of girls got two rooms on a hall full of boys rooms. Our group decided to have a pizza party in my room full of girls. We invited a couple of guys from another group to eat pizza with us and our guys group plus the other female and male group leaders. The next day the other guys came to hang out in our room with just us girls and one of their male chaperones (probably my age) yelled at them and told them to leave because their boys weren’t allowed in girls’ rooms. He was lecturing us and finally said “Where’s your group leader?” and my younger sister leaned and said “That’s you.” and that’s when I realized OMGI’MTHEADULTHERE.

-Nikki McRae

January 29, 2010

I was 19, sitting on the edge of my bed, peering into the bassinet where my newborn son was sleeping.   I realized in an instant that I was responsible for his well being, for his life, and I thought OMG I’m the Adult.   He will be 44 the end of February 2010.

– Lani Roberts

I was visiting family at Christmas and was the only other person home besides the family’s 12-year-old daughter.  She came up to me and asked permission to go to her friend’s house.  OMGIMTHEADULTHERE.

-Rachel Hendery

I used to work in Matalan, a discount clothing chain and once on the shop floor i was puttng some stock out when i overheard “… go and ask that man over there” i quickly looked around to see what man they were talking about… and it was me OMGIMTHEADULT

-Mark Rushworth

January 21, 2010

My wife and I are at the retro-arcade for our biweekly Dance Dance Revolution competition, surrounded by people playing video games we were feeding quarters into well before they were born. As in the late ’70s. Waiting for more change, my wife mutters, “I bet we’re the oldest people in this place. I feel so old.” The woman in front of us overhears and turns and says, “I know! I’m thirty!”

So were we, years ago. OMGWERETHEADULTS.

-Julian Smith

I was filling out an expected-costs form at work for a business trip I had to take – my first one solo. It suddenly struck me that I was going to tell my boss “Yeah, I’m going to be spending a couple grand on this thing” and he was just going to sign off on that, and I was going to go and toss thousands of dollars in food and plane tickets and a hotel onto the company card.

Ah, crap, now I’m an adult.

– Ben Novak

Tonight (Christmas Eve) my husband(!!) and I are taking my folks and siblings out to dinner.  Then everyone is gathering at my house for presents and dessert.  On top of this, I’ve invited friends over for all this merriment.  I’m hosting the holidays this year.  I’m the one responsible for all the festivities. OMG IM THE ADULT.


January 5, 2010

Hey! We got onto to Metafilter!
I have several memories and this constantly comes up for me as I’ve slowly realized I’ve actually become an adult.

– When I was about 19 I grabbed a basketball and was shooting at the local park on a Saturday and a 12 year old kid came up and asked if he could shoot too, calling me sir, and then asked me how college was. That blew my mind.

– When I was 25, fresh out of college with my first real job and my older brother called to say he was so broke he couldn’t afford his daily required medication, and I paid for two months of the stuff. I get one or two calls like that a year from him and I’m happy to help out (the first time was the point I realized I became the Older Brother in the relationship).

This, posted an hour ago, seriously. I’ve never had to put much effort into hiding presents before but this required planning. I bought it early, left it at the bike shop, had to come home and make sure my daughter was distracted, then cover it up and stash it in the corner of the garage, all the kinds of things my parents used to do because my brother and I would rifle through every inch of our house looking for presents in the month lead-up to xmas.


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December 13, 2009

At 25, my Friday nights have begun to wind down from all-night partying to late dinners at a quiet restaurant, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy episodes, and quite frequently, passing out on the couch, exhausted and fully-clothed. One Friday, after a late night dinner, I lingered in my car for a few minutes looking for something to play on my iPod. Suddenly I saw this car backing up behind me–fast and a little too close for comfort. And then at that split second I knew it was going to happen; this crazy ass driver was going to hit my car. And of course it did. I stepped out of my Hyundai, annoyed but calm. The car stops in the middle of the parking lot and a teenage girl comes running up to me. “Oh my god, oh my god, i’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” she says. How could you not see me, I wasn’t moving? We examine my bumper together, desperately trying to erase scratches with our bare hands. “Are you going to call the cops?” she asked me. “Are you drunk?” I asked her. “No, I’m not! I just came from a 3-hour classical concert and it totally messed with my head.” OMGIMTHEADULTHERE.

-Kris Alcantara

December 3, 2009

Six Word Memoir.

Sign on the dotted line.

I became my Mother’s legal guardian.

-Joe Molinari

I was in my early twenties, working at an Alzheimer/Dementia unit during my undergraduate years. I always worked until 11pm. The nurse worked until 5pm, leaving around 20 residents in the hands of three unqualified, college-aged kids. It was close to 11pm when I heard shouting down the hall, which was not uncommon, but I ran down there–also realizing the other two were outside on a cigarette break. Walking in the room, I was greeted with a woman on the floor splattered in blood (from a fall, we later realized) and four other residents standing around her, concerned. I looked at them for a possible explanation when one pointed at me and said, “Why would you hurt this woman?” convincing the others that I was to blame. As I tried to console the woman on the floor, the others started pushing me away. It was me against four adults, all in their late sixties. I quickly realized, OMGIMTHEADULT.

-Nicole Lane