Last Saturday, I had to pick my parents up from a party because they were too drunk to drive. As I was driving them home, my mother, who was in the back seat, rolled onto the floor of the car, blubbering like a child. I pulled the car over, turned around in my seat and scolded her, demanding that she put her seatbelt on immediately or I would not drive her home. I have been waiting 17 years to do that in a serious manor. Chuckling on the inside I thought to myself OMG IM THE ADULT.


The other day, I started working at a summer camp. That night, I went out with a few of the kids in my neighborhood, Somewhere in between being bitten by mosquitoes and hearing them complain about how life isn’t what they wanted, I realized that I’ve got so much more to talk about, and those trivial things don’t really entertain me anymore. A few minutes before they decided to get smashed, I realized OMGI’MTHEADULT.


As a 17 year old recent high school graduate, I was leading a group of middle schoolers on a community service road trip to St. Louis. At one point of the tour of few of the kids started feeling homesick and came to me crying. I was able to calm them down and convince them to go back to bed. OMG IM THE 17 YR OLD ADULT.

-Evan F.

I arrived at my door after class to find a large box from my father. I love packages so I hurried to open it. Upon unwrapping the large box I found a brand new state of the art vacuum cleaner. I was so excited, it was like Christmas for my allergies. omgimtheadult


I live in a house with 7 other college students, but I am the youngest being only 18.  One day a older lady knocked on our door and I answered.  She looked at me and said, “is there an adult around that I could talk to about some paperwork?” I automatically turned around to call for someone and then realized wait OMGIMTHEADULT.




November 21, 2010

Last night was my 18th birthday, and I told my younger friends that wasn’t comfortable with them drinking under-age at my party.
I was underage drinking WITH them like 2 months ago! My first day of being 18 and I realized….




April 1, 2010

As a black-velvet-clad, long haired romanti-goth going to high school in rural North Carolina, I obviously got my fair share of funny looks and abusive comments. Now that I’m 25 and living in the same area again, I like to hope I’ll make some poor high school kid’s day by walking into the local grocery store in my big black boots and my leather jacket (gone is my ren-fair wardrobe and ass-length hair). I know I was always excited to see someone unique, amid all the camouflage hunting jackets and ball-caps with chewing tobacco logos.

Running in for the other day, I passed a group of kids that looked a lot like the people I hung around when I was their age, inhabiting that intersection between “goth” and “skater.” Giving them a smile and a nod, and walked by. Unfortunantly, to them I must have looked like just another asshole.

“Boo!” the last one yelled, making a false start at me. The rest broke out laughing as they left the store, despite the kid’s complete failure to startle me.

“What the hell!” I told my wife later. “Are teenagers really that stupid that failing to frighten some guy is funny? I mean, were we that dumb at their age?”

After repeating the story a few times to various friends, it struck me. My hope of sending positive, supporting energy to alienated teens had, in one instant, mutated into complaining about “kids today.” I might as well break out the rocking chair and smear on the Tiger Balm.

–Chris Lowrance

I went to a Haunted House last Halloween that was run by the local magnet high school’s theater department. I am absolutely petrified of haunted houses so imagine my surprise when two teenage girls I didn’t even know started clinging to me like I was going to protect them. They were burying their heads in my back and holding my hand and said I was a very nice lady. OMG IM THE ADULT.

–Elaina Stanley

March 19, 2010

So I’m 23 and I just bought a TV for my parents today.  It was a nice flatscreen that cost 500 bucks.  This local store was closing and it was cheap, and since they asked for one last year for Christmas which my sis and I forgot to buy on Black Friday, I figured I might as well buy it now.  It was only when a friend of mine pointed out that I just dropped half a grand on my parents, that I realized, OMGIMTHEADULT.

Rochelle Murray

March 11, 2010

I’m an emergency room nurse and just lectured a 15 year old on the importance of condom use and STD prevention….omg, I’m the adult here

-Rachel Kronke

I’m weeks into being 18 years old, major car accident lands me in the hospital with a broken neck.  Two days later a nurse crotchet walks in my room and says to me “you’re too old to have your mom here 24/7”.  I look at her and for the first time think, OMGIMTHEADULT.

-Tiffany Vargas

When I first started working with people with disabilities I was just seventeen years old and not very grown up in my head I would say.This was nine years ago and I still not really think of me as an adult.But in my job I have to be the adult.I have to be the role model to people which are 30 years older then me.The thought is kind of weird to put some adolescent teenager into a role where he is the measure of social interaction and manners and values to people which are physically so much more adult then he is. Let me tell you some of my OMGIMTHEADULT experiences.

Manners are something I have to practically show and explain to the people I work with and a reoccurring practical joke for some people can be to fart as loud as possible at mealtimes. This actually always cracks me up but I have to be the person who says please don´t. This works more or less. It can be quite tough when you are out in a restaurant.But it can be unbelievable refreshing and fun . I think by now I´m quite addicted to this kind of `social meltdown`. Just imagine how fun it is to go to the theater or the ballet. I think this is one of the things which keep me from becoming the adult on the inside.

I also work with lots of young volunteers which come and stay with us for a year to work and gain experience in english and in working in a social setting.These volunteers come usually straight from school and often from loving and caring parents which cared a bit too much for them. I
don´t blame them but I quite often scratch my head when i realize that this 20 year old has never cooked a meal or washed his clothes himself. And yes, its usually the boys 🙂 last week I discovered that a 27 year old coworker of me is unable to change a lightbulb – no joke – really happened.

-Nils Vonau

March 3, 2010

My girlfriend and I were on our way to a Santa themed pub crawl when and had just parked the car when some 8 year old kid came up to us crying and said “those teenagers are messing with me and my brothers” when I looked up about 5 16 or 17 year old guys walk over our way and start explaining themselves to us, claiming the kid and his brothers were throwing snow balls at them.  We (my girlfriend and I) told them to grow up and leave the poor kids alone and they did and left the parking garage.  When did I become old enough for 17 year olds to think I am an authority figure?  I’m 23 and OMGIMTHEADULT.

-Jon Browning

March 1, 2010

I was checking out at the grocery store alone and quietly complained to myself that my wife had the harris teeter rewards card in her purse

– doug dicksey

I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding, which for me was going involve a day of dressing up and having fun. At the wedding rehearsal the minister asked who she would have to sign the register, and the bride asked me to do it. I was halfway through saying, ” shouldn’t a grown-up do that?” when I realised OMG I’M AN ADULT.

-Danielle Hewitt

At 25, I woke up one morning and thought, “Oh man, I should really water my bonzai plant.” Then I thought, “Oh my god, I’m that really lame adult that I always scoffed at.”

-Craig Donofrio

I was 24 and had been promoted to assistant manager at a diner. I was talking to one of the waitresses (very hot) and we were chatting about liking the music playing. I said that I really liked the band. She said, “Oh, yeah? My dad really likes them too!” AGGGGHHHH!! I’m the adault!

-Phillip Declet