March 11, 2010

I’m an emergency room nurse and just lectured a 15 year old on the importance of condom use and STD prevention….omg, I’m the adult here

-Rachel Kronke

I’m weeks into being 18 years old, major car accident lands me in the hospital with a broken neck.  Two days later a nurse crotchet walks in my room and says to me “you’re too old to have your mom here 24/7”.  I look at her and for the first time think, OMGIMTHEADULT.

-Tiffany Vargas

When I first started working with people with disabilities I was just seventeen years old and not very grown up in my head I would say.This was nine years ago and I still not really think of me as an adult.But in my job I have to be the adult.I have to be the role model to people which are 30 years older then me.The thought is kind of weird to put some adolescent teenager into a role where he is the measure of social interaction and manners and values to people which are physically so much more adult then he is. Let me tell you some of my OMGIMTHEADULT experiences.

Manners are something I have to practically show and explain to the people I work with and a reoccurring practical joke for some people can be to fart as loud as possible at mealtimes. This actually always cracks me up but I have to be the person who says please don´t. This works more or less. It can be quite tough when you are out in a restaurant.But it can be unbelievable refreshing and fun . I think by now I´m quite addicted to this kind of `social meltdown`. Just imagine how fun it is to go to the theater or the ballet. I think this is one of the things which keep me from becoming the adult on the inside.

I also work with lots of young volunteers which come and stay with us for a year to work and gain experience in english and in working in a social setting.These volunteers come usually straight from school and often from loving and caring parents which cared a bit too much for them. I
don´t blame them but I quite often scratch my head when i realize that this 20 year old has never cooked a meal or washed his clothes himself. And yes, its usually the boys 🙂 last week I discovered that a 27 year old coworker of me is unable to change a lightbulb – no joke – really happened.

-Nils Vonau


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