February 4, 2010

The family gathered in the loungeroom, excitedly unwrapping our gifts. My mother got Nintendo DS accessories and little electronic gadgets. My stepfather got Bundy Rum paraphenalia. My nieces got DVDs and toys. They all got at least a half dozen presents each, half of them from me. I got two pairs of shorts… And I was happy. OMG, I’m the adult here!

-The Shampyon

Two weeks ago, I met a new co-worker who happened to be from a major city that I had lived in as an exchange student 18 years ago.  I mentioned that I had visited there recently and was suprised by how much both the downtown and outlying areas had changed in all that time.  I asked him if he had ever hung out at certain bars in the city or wherever.  He said, “I didn’t really know that scene, I was… uh… 4 years old.”
I don’t think I will ever get used to such incidents.  Ack.

-R. “BCR” Lewis

When I was around 21, I chaperoned a youth group to a church camp. Somehow our group of girls got two rooms on a hall full of boys rooms. Our group decided to have a pizza party in my room full of girls. We invited a couple of guys from another group to eat pizza with us and our guys group plus the other female and male group leaders. The next day the other guys came to hang out in our room with just us girls and one of their male chaperones (probably my age) yelled at them and told them to leave because their boys weren’t allowed in girls’ rooms. He was lecturing us and finally said “Where’s your group leader?” and my younger sister leaned and said “That’s you.” and that’s when I realized OMGI’MTHEADULTHERE.

-Nikki McRae

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  1. jimmy Says:

    I love the gift story, reminds me of my family. I don’t ask for gifts anymore unless it’s underwear but somehow I end up buying the most. This is one of my favourite new blogs.

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