January 21, 2010

My wife and I are at the retro-arcade for our biweekly Dance Dance Revolution competition, surrounded by people playing video games we were feeding quarters into well before they were born. As in the late ’70s. Waiting for more change, my wife mutters, “I bet we’re the oldest people in this place. I feel so old.” The woman in front of us overhears and turns and says, “I know! I’m thirty!”

So were we, years ago. OMGWERETHEADULTS.

-Julian Smith

I was filling out an expected-costs form at work for a business trip I had to take – my first one solo. It suddenly struck me that I was going to tell my boss “Yeah, I’m going to be spending a couple grand on this thing” and he was just going to sign off on that, and I was going to go and toss thousands of dollars in food and plane tickets and a hotel onto the company card.

Ah, crap, now I’m an adult.

– Ben Novak

Tonight (Christmas Eve) my husband(!!) and I are taking my folks and siblings out to dinner.  Then everyone is gathering at my house for presents and dessert.  On top of this, I’ve invited friends over for all this merriment.  I’m hosting the holidays this year.  I’m the one responsible for all the festivities. OMG IM THE ADULT.


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