January 5, 2010

Hey! We got onto to Metafilter!
I have several memories and this constantly comes up for me as I’ve slowly realized I’ve actually become an adult.

– When I was about 19 I grabbed a basketball and was shooting at the local park on a Saturday and a 12 year old kid came up and asked if he could shoot too, calling me sir, and then asked me how college was. That blew my mind.

– When I was 25, fresh out of college with my first real job and my older brother called to say he was so broke he couldn’t afford his daily required medication, and I paid for two months of the stuff. I get one or two calls like that a year from him and I’m happy to help out (the first time was the point I realized I became the Older Brother in the relationship).

This, posted an hour ago, seriously. I’ve never had to put much effort into hiding presents before but this required planning. I bought it early, left it at the bike shop, had to come home and make sure my daughter was distracted, then cover it up and stash it in the corner of the garage, all the kinds of things my parents used to do because my brother and I would rifle through every inch of our house looking for presents in the month lead-up to xmas.


Click the link for more OMG I’M THE ADULT stories.


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