November 12, 2009

I was subbing in a middle school and all of the students were waiting outside for permission to come into the room. Then I realized **OMG I’M THE ADULT HERE and they’re waiting for /me/ to let them in.

-Chris Osborne

I was working as a cashier in a glorified farmstand and a woman said to her child, “Give the lady your candy so she can ring it up” and I thought, “I’m not ‘the lady’–omg, I AM.”

-Lisa Michaud


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  1. tam Says:

    A kid of about 10 came up to me at the counter in the record shop I work at with an Eminem CD which bore a parental advisory warning label. I said “Does your mum know there’s swearing on this CD?” He rooled his eyes at me and then it hit me… I’m the adult here.

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